Several years ago, a friend asked me if I would mind lending my voice to a video game character for a development project that he was working on. I agreed and, after several sessions recording character back story and blood-curdling death screams, I was hooked. Since that fateful weekend, I’ve lent my voice to documentaries, phone systems, commercials, demo videos, rock albums, audio books, app previews and many other projects.I hail from South-East England; home of rolling green hills, chestnut trees, and unlimited pubs. Several years ago I moved to Atlanta, Georgia and became a Southern girl for a while. Now, I live in Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada. My accent can swing from proper English to Southern Belle to standard American, as well as many characters in between.

I love to work. I love to be challenged. I believe in getting it right. I believe in asking my clients how they hear something in their head, and doing my best to make that a reality for them.

Contact me and tell me how you would like me to sound!


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