Several years ago, a friend asked me if I would mind lending my voice to a video game character for a development project that he was working on. I agreed and, after several sessions recording character back story and blood-curdling death screams, I was hooked. Since that fateful weekend, I’ve lent my voice to documentaries, phone systems, commercials, demo videos, rock albums, audio books, app previews and many other projects. I hail from South-East England; home of rolling green hills, chestnut trees, and unlimited pubs. Several years ago I moved to Atlanta, Georgia and became a Southern girl for a while. Then, I lived in Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada. Now, I’m a midwestern girl living in Minnesota. My accent can swing from proper English to Southern Belle to neutral American, as well as many characters in between.

Contact me and tell me how you would like me to sound!


The Street
Business Insider
DTong Radio

ABC News
Lance Tamashiro


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